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We stock from a large range of manufacturers, some of which you can find below:


Since the very first model was installed almost 90 years ago, the AGA cooker has taken root in the hearts and lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.  For generations people have waxed lyrical about the gentle warmth an AGA provides, the feeling it creates in the home and, of course, the fabulous food it can help create.

Now AGA owners and those looking to experience cooking on the world’s most iconic range have a new destination showroom to visit in Jersey as VLJ have become the authorised AGA distributor, showcasing a number of stunning AGA models including the AGA Total Control, AGA Dual Control and the 60cm wide AGA City60 – as well as special offers and upgrade programmes. 

Clearview Stoves are often referred to as industry leaders and the benchmark is stove design and performance. Each Clearview stove offers a level of engineering that is unrivalled. Every facet has been carefully considered to ensure that it is fit for purpose, in terms of construction as well as practicality and durability. We go to great lengths to ensure that all our materials, from the steel, castings and glass, to the screws and fixings are of the highest quality


Wessex Stone Fireplaces have been hand crafting natural limestone fire surrounds for over 21 years and our workshops lie deep in the heart of rural Gloucestershire on the outskirts of the Cotswold market town of Tetbury. From this specialised site, English Heritage approved masons individually select the stone for its character, quality and colour before skilfully shaping your surround by mallet and chisel in the time honoured way that has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years.

Quality cast iron range cookers and energy-efficient woodburning stoves

Built with pride in Britain, and supported by a heritage that goes more than a century and a half, ESSE is the UK's longest-standing stove manufacturer but is still at the cutting edge of the industry thanks to its innovative cast iron range cookers, energy-efficient wood-burning stoves and stylish gas stoves.





At Aarrow, we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent quality. To ensure that every stove leaving our factory is finished to the highest standards, each stove is quality checked by each department as it progresses down the production line.

We feel that it is important to support British industry – we don’t just build our stoves in Devon, we also source as many of the raw materials as possible from the UK.

Every Aarrow stove is handcrafted within our purpose-built factory to European Standard EN13240. This is why we are the only stove manufacturer to offer a lifetime guarantee on the stove body.




Welcome to Olde Englande Reproductions (0.E.R.) Complete Collection of Exclusive Fireplaces, award winning fireplace manufacturer's of solid timber/wood  surrounds, mirrors and interiors. We are the number 1 UK manufacturer for  solid wood fireplaces surrounds-so you can be assured you will be purchasing the very best. With over 33 years knowledge in the fireplace industry you can rest assured that you will invest in a fireplace, fire or stove that has been made with pride, ensuring the best quality, exclusivity and reliability.

All our fireplaces are designed and manufactured in-house by our team of craftspeople, we can manufacture to size, material choice and colour on most of our designs, and we can adapt the fireplace to suit solid fuel use.  Our connoisseur range has some of the finest hand carved exclusive fireplaces available and are all British made.



Villager is synonymous with excellent quality and reliability – we carefully recruit and train our staff to ensure that care and attention to detail is taken with every stove, and we have developed strong working relationships with our suppliers to ensure that only the finest raw materials go into our products.

Villager stove are designed and built to last, using only the finest raw materials. We use the perfect combination of highly-skilled, traditional stove making methods together with the latest manufacturing technology to being you the high quality and robust reliability that Villager are renowned for. For the ultimate piece of mind each and every one of our stoves comes with a five year stove body guarantee. You can rely on a Villager stove.




We invite you to discover Seguin Duteriez.

Seguin produce Cast-Iron wood-burning stoves and also Steel Stoves in different designs, there range is vast covering the market with stoves from 4.9Kw right up to large Steel firebox Wood-burning units producing upto 19Kw which can be connected to heat the whole home.

For 30 years, the Seguin Duteriez group evolves in the field of fireplaces and wood heating, the development has been accelerated during the last years. By deciding to heat your home with a woodburning appliance you will participate in the protection of the environment.




Stanley range cookers of today retain the same essential characteristics of range cookers as they have since 1850 - durability, reliability, and quality - now allied with new advanced technology in a series of designs created to fit any home and match any style of décor from traditional to ultramodern. A Stanley "moves in" with such ease, effortlessly settling into any surroundings to become your friend in the kitchen.

The traditional cast iron construction, found in every Stanley cooker, gives all round heat in the oven - ensuring beautifully cooked food. And depending on which model you choose, your Stanley can also provide the powerful source for your domestic hot water and central heating.




For more than seventy years, AGA Rayburn has been the warm heart of many British homes, leading the field in central heating range cookers. With its iconic design, absolute reliability and flexibility, it's easy to see why the AGA Rayburn has been such an enduring success.



We also stock a number of accessories to go with our fireplaces and stoves, including:



Atmosfire Dry Wipe


The atmosfire Dry Wiper for stove glass, recommended by glass ceramics manufacturer SCHOTT ROBAX®, cleans quickly without chemicals or water and without scratching. As the active side is less abrasive than the fireplace glass, scratches during cleaning of the window are avoided and, with the ergonomically shaped holding side, you will have no problems getting into the corners. Using the Dry Wiper also means that – unlike other liquid cleaners – no chemicals can get into the seal of the fireplace door and damage it. Just as there is no wiping with water there is also no application time, meaning the cleaning process is significantly shortened.