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Planning Applications and Building Control Applications

twinwallOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADO YOU NEED PLANNING PERMISSION?We are often asked by customers if Planning permission is required to install a stove or flue/chimney.

If you are using a HETAS registered installer you do not need to apply to Building Control to installĀ a stove, fireplace or line a chimney providing your engineer’s competencies cover the proposed works. If your installer is not HETAS registered you MUST apply to Building Control for any of these works. You must also check the competencies of your installer if relying on a HETAS certification as not all HETAS installers are registered to carry out all types of work.

However, Building Control and Planning are two entirely separate applications.

As a general rule of thumb, if you can answer no to ALL of these questions, you do not need to apply to Planning for permission to install a chimney:-

1. Is the building an SSI or listed?
2. Will the chimney be higher than 1000mm out of the roof?
3. Will the chimney be on a prime elevation?

There are other criteria to meet and you should check with the senior planner at Planning if in doubt.

We have been approached by many customers recently for a second opinion as they have been wrongly advised and led to believe by their own installer that a chimney running up the side of the building does not need planning permission. This is incorrect and these customers could have faced a potential fine and costly retrospective application fees if these installations had gone ahead without permission. If in doubt please contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate planning officer. For clarification, the installations pictured here DO all require Planning permission. As the homeowner, you are responsible for ensuring that the correct permits have been received.

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