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New Product Launch

We are pleased to be promoting a brand new product in Jersey for the re-lining and renovation of disused chimneys.

FuranFlex RWV has been specially developed to cater for solid fuel open fires and has been tested to 1000°C by many European Test Houses and by BSRIA and is certified by BBA in the United Kingdom.  FuranFlex RWV is the only composite chimney lining to have been tested and approved to the relevant British Standards and be listed by HETAS.

  • FuranFlex RWV has been used on many listed properties and thatched properties to bring chimneys safely back into use. The liner is installed into the chimney as a flat flexible hose, inflated with air at only 0.1-0.2Bar reducing any stress on the existing structure. The liner is then “steamed” and this process begins a reaction in the resin and once the resin reaches 1000 celsius it sets as hard as steel.  Once this reaction has taken place the liner is cured and ready to use.
  • FuranFlex RWV chimney linings has been used for many years in 27 european countries and 2,000 metres have been successfully installed in the UK over the last 24 months.  Only factory trained and accredited engineers are allowed to install FuranFlex to ensure high standards of installation are maintained.
  • FuranFlex RWV can be installed freestanding inside the chimney or, as the lining is less than 4mm thick, moulded to take the shape of the existing chimney to maximise the cross sectional area of the flue, reducing the need to fit chimney fans saving time, money and maintenance costs.
  • FuranFlex RWV is available in diameters from 80mm to 1000mm and in one piece lengths up to 80 metres long.
  • FuranFlex chimney linings are usually installed in one day and the fire can be commissioned immediately after the lining is “cured”.

FuranFlex RWV carries a manufacturer’s 25 year guarantee in addition to a unique 25 insurance backed guarantee.

Applications:  Kitchen extractors, plastic ductwork, chemical ducts, ventilation, SE & U ducts, DFE gas fires, oil and gas boiler flues, solid fuel heating flues


Composition:  The internal foil facilitates installation, it is a thin-walled (100 – 150 microns) plastic hose made of a mixture of thermoplastic components.  The intermediate composite layer is the heat, flame and corrosion resistant structural material of the FuranFlex® liner. Composite means resin of high solidity reinforced with thin glass fibres. The solidity of composite materials is determined by the amount, type and direction of the thinner-than-hair reinforcing fibres. One square metre of the wall structure of the FuranFlex liner tube contains 3,000,000 metres of factory specified fibre

The external layer is a thin fabric woven from synthetic fibre. Its function is to protect the composite layer and to ensure the exact perimeter of the chimney tube. Its other function is to form a homogenous external surface. The brand name “Kompozitor-FuranFlex®” is printed on it, as is a metre scale indicating the length of FuranFlex used



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